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Author Topic: A few odds and ends  (Read 3270 times)

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A few odds and ends
« on: Friday 09 December 2011, 01:37 am »
I am hoping to trade these guys

1. crystal moon beam just the horse
2. stridor the tail has a stress fracture and the end of it has chew marks on it and one of the guns is missing no helmet either.
3. She ra bait sever hair cut , missing jewel, ect
4. vintage kenner care bear baby tugs yellowed eye, worn out tag, most of the lettering on the heart on the back is gone.

will post photos later thanks.

I am looking for these two toys from these hard to find toy lines

black star -  triton bull

Galaxy fighters by sew co i am looking for the pegasaurus


a picture of the triton bull can be seen at this ebay action


for the pegasaurus this ebay action


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Re: A few odds and ends
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 15 December 2011, 03:28 am »
I have a few more items
I have about 11 kitty in my pocket toys and six puppy in my pocket toys they are in good shape the vintage ones. I have one kitty play set but it is badly yellowed .

I am willing to swap these for any of the littlest pet shop ponies I do not have I will work on a list latter thanks .