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Author Topic: Gray Teddy Bear  (Read 6164 times)

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Gray Teddy Bear
« on: Monday 02 January 2012, 01:54 am »
I got this bear for my 2nd Birthday. I have a picture of him when he was brand new, but I can't find it right now and there isn't a box or anything useful for identification in the picture. He doesn't have a tag; I probably cut it off when I was younger.

All I know is that he is a little bit over 11 inches tall, and he originally had a white ribbon tied in a bow around his neck. His nose was fuzzy, but that is rubbed off a little, and it's hard plastic under the fuzz. His legs are not straight down (standing) or straight out in front of him (sitting), but are at an angle somewhere between the two.

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Re: Gray Teddy Bear
« Reply #1 on: Monday 02 January 2012, 06:02 am »
Reminds me a lot of my stuffed panda bear! I got mine because I kept running off with my cousin's. My family had to buy me my own. I believe it was from Wal-Mart. Anyways, mine is extremely loved but the one my cousin had is still pristine. So, I was able to read the tush tag and found a picture of a similar one on eBay.


The manufacturer of mine was YangJee Ind. Co., Ltd. I have yet to find one with a hang tag or anything that would tell if mine had an actual name.

The pattern of your bear seems similar to mine. The biggest difference is the nose - the panda nose was stitched with heavy brown thread. I actually would never have known they had noses since my bear has been missing its "nose" for as long as I can remember. I guess that the stitching wasn't very sturdy!

My bear might also be a bit larger than yours. Still, Yang Jee might be a brand to keep an eye on.
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Re: Gray Teddy Bear
« Reply #2 on: Friday 11 May 2012, 07:31 am »
I finally found the picture of Jonathan when he was brand new:

I'm not sure it will actually help, but he's adorable, so I'm sharing it anyway. ^_^

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Re: Gray Teddy Bear
« Reply #3 on: Friday 11 May 2012, 10:15 pm »
He kind of reminds me of my younger sister's stuffed panda bear that she had when she was little. It had a plastic tag on the front that said Dakin on it I think.

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Re: Gray Teddy Bear
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 14 October 2012, 03:19 pm »
I had the same guy but brown. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I think mine came from Wolco

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Re: Gray Teddy Bear
« Reply #5 on: Sunday 14 October 2012, 05:59 pm »
I bought one of those for a friend back in 1987.
It was brown, but there was a tan and a grey choice as well.
I bought it from a gift store in Australia. The only tag it had was 'made in China'