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Author Topic: Need help identifying plastic dog toy similar in size to the original keypers.  (Read 2485 times)

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I have included a link to two photographs. I bought this recently off a seller on Ebay who thought it might be part of the Ladylovelylocks line however i'm quite certain it isn't (I have the ladylovelylocks dog which is called Silky Pup and has pink hair) I believe it is supposed to be a poodle. It has snow white curly hair and tail. I don't think she was produced by the big toy brand names as she has no markings of any kind, not even "made in china" is written on it. She's just short of being 4 inches in height.


It would be nice to know what it is!!!!!

[Added photos for you - zuse]

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I want to say it is a knock off of the Little Pretty line of toys.

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It's kind of similar to the Glo Pals  http://www.ghostofthedoll.co.uk/Toys_GloPals.htm

Maybe they were made by the same company?