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Author Topic: Beanie Flower baby and a Mrs. Noah...thing?  (Read 2547 times)

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Beanie Flower baby and a Mrs. Noah...thing?
« on: Monday 23 January 2012, 04:42 am »
I was out thrifting the other day and came across these two toys. I picked them up because they were interesting.

My hands are shaky tonight for some reason, so I'm not able to photograph worth beans right now. LOL If they are too blurry, let me know, I'll take some more later.

The first one is this worm/catapillar/maybe butterfly plush? I don't know, right now to me it looks like a happy poop! xD
There used to be two antennas in the top of the plush's head, because there are two holes now.

The tag says:
"An Original toy by:
Mrs. Noah(R)
Lovingly made for people who appreciate
what is magic and soft and special
(c)Jean s. Noah Holly Hill SC
made in USA"

I would like to figure out what this thing originally looked like so I can restore it, and hopefully give it to my future daughter. Or just give it an antenna and wings and call it a butterfly, and not poop. haha

I looked up some stuff on google, but only found people in my similar situation.

The next item is a Flower Baby bean bag type critter.

It's body is a stretch velvet kind of material, and just has little nubs for feets. Head has sculpted flower.
Tag reads:


I looked up small small world, but a lot of disney things come up from the parks. ? No year on the tag or head.

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Re: Beanie Flower baby and a Mrs. Noah...thing?
« Reply #1 on: Monday 23 January 2012, 06:07 am »
I bet Mrs. Noah is the person mentioned at the bottom of this article:


One of the plush that previously sold:
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Re: Beanie Flower baby and a Mrs. Noah...thing?
« Reply #2 on: Monday 23 January 2012, 07:45 am »
The top does look like a a little poop...lol

He is awfully cute.

Not sure about the other one.  Hope someone knows