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Author Topic: Stuffed Yellow Hippo with Red and White Striped shirt and Green Pants. Help!  (Read 2343 times)

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Does anyone know anyway I can track down an older model toy. My friend has a stuffed yellow hippo with a striped shirt and green pants that she has had since a kid. She wants a new one. The toy was purchased in the mid 90's in Taiwan. If anyone has this toy or knows where one can find vintage stuffed animals please help!

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Gosh, tough one...is it similar to this hippo pictured? (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the web page).


I think it is the same as you described but has red shorts instead of green...

I should also mention that the person who owns the hippo pictured, got hers in Korea when she lived there, and has had a number of yellow hippos over the years. You should contact her as she will probably be able to help you out!
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