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Author Topic: Please help ID Barbie doll and clothes  (Read 3047 times)

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Re: Please help ID Barbie doll and clothes
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 09 May 2012, 04:47 pm »
Did you ever get these ID'd? Your middle Barbie is pre-1985, probably around 1982-84 by her eyes. I can dig an exact ID up if you still need it. :-)


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Re: Please help ID Barbie doll and clothes
« Reply #2 on: Friday 13 July 2012, 11:23 am »
I got some Barbie dolls and clothes off ebay.

Can anyone identify the Barbie doll in the middle, her arms are quite straight:

Here are some clothes I need help with:

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Please help ID Barbie doll and clothes
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 26 July 2012, 12:23 am »
The jeans in the second photo might be for Fashion Jeans Barbie from 1982.
The sheer robe in the fourth photo is for Dreamtime Barbie from 1985.