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Author Topic: Huge image dump Care Bears Popples Puppy Kitty Surprise Wuzzles, Get along added  (Read 2768 times)

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Feel free to take and use what you like (goes to any one) but please credit, and if possible link to my shop =)


Care Bears ornaments

Care bears American greetings figures between 2.5-3 inches tall

Unknown figure, 5 inches tall

Care Bears Ceramic Piggy banks

Care Bears Light up Wish Bear Battery Operated Night Light and Midi music Box

Care Bears Brave Heart Radio

Popples Pretty Bit Bank

Wuzzles Hoppopotamus clock radio

Small PVC figurines

Kitty Surprise Pink and white purring kitty

Pink "its a girl" sleeping bag kitty

I'll probably dump some more nonsense on you guys in the next while, just found some super cool vintage popples earrings!

Just found a Get Along Gang wind up MOC,
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