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Author Topic: Mermaid Drinking Straw, produced by Applause  (Read 9140 times)

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Re: Mermaid Drinking Straw
« Reply #15 on: Saturday 01 May 2010, 05:37 am »
Definitely! I'm not sure if mine had a yellow tail or not, but it seems kinda familiar seeing it that way so it probably was.

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Re: Mermaid Drinking Straw, produced by Applause
« Reply #16 on: Sunday 09 May 2010, 01:39 pm »
I've tweaked the topic title to add "produced by Applause", just in case it jogs anyone's memories as to the toy line it came from. I wonder if there were other mermaid straws made, or maybe even other food related items too?
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Re: Mermaid Drinking Straw, produced by Applause
« Reply #17 on: Saturday 29 October 2011, 08:23 pm »
I think with these, it was just merchandise you would buy. Like at checkout lines, food section, etc. Probably hanging up at shelving intervals in the grocery store to tempt kids. Etc.
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