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Author Topic: Do I have a rare stuffed Snoopy in my possession?  (Read 2453 times)

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Do I have a rare stuffed Snoopy in my possession?
« on: Monday 23 July 2012, 07:44 am »
Back this past November I went with my parents to Minneappolis I went in late November early December. In one of the Goodwill stores I bought a big stuffed Snoopy dog and was wondering if anyone could tell me anymore about it. I'm not sure how big it is but it is definitely a holiday Snoopy. It still has a tag on it that says Mall of America on one side and Camp Snoopy on the other and this is around its neck. It also has a green nose, red antlers and a red scarf around its neck that says Home For The Holidays in green lettering. There is no year on it but I have found a picture of him so check it out. I am just calling him Holiday Snoopy for right now but I think he is really Snoopy Reindeer according to the tag. Any information is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Do I have a rare stuffed Snoopy in my possession?
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 25 July 2012, 07:05 am »
I don't know that it's rare. One sold on ebay for $9.99 a couple months back:

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