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Author Topic: Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders + Merwees  (Read 12747 times)

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Re: Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders + Merwees
« Reply #15 on: Monday 27 September 2010, 12:46 am »
Those are really cool!  I really was interested in what they were when they came out but I never seemed to see it on tv or see the toys in the store.  I bought a bunch of the cards though. They reminded me of She-Ra which I loved.  I think I might have found a vhs or something last year and got to watch the episode. (I think I have the vhs anyway lol).  I'll have to look it up more sometime on youtube.

I still got a bunch of the cards.  I was a big non-sport card collector when I was 13-17 years old and have so much of them now in my mom's basement in my plastic storage tubs.  I like to sell some sets some day.  I have way too many and all the duplicate sets lol of certain ones! :)

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Re: Merwees & Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders
« Reply #16 on: Monday 07 November 2011, 06:48 am »
I had the original Tamara, I loved her!

Sorry for the poor quality.  I have no information.


The smaller plastic toys are from Long Jon silver's. I believe Tamara came with a cat too (or there was a cat toy in there I think)

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Re: Princess Gwenevere And The Jewel Riders + Merwees
« Reply #17 on: Saturday 12 November 2011, 10:23 pm »
Hi  have some up dated photos of the jewel riders horses here they are I do not have any photos of moon dance 's box yet. It will be pic heavy thanks. I will warn that if the saddle is left on moon dance it tends to stick to her and if you try to remove it the paint comes off of the horse.

Photos of the box for moon dance :

I know this is a long shot but if any one finds sun stars comb let me know I need it thanks. Ghost I give you permission to use these photos if you want to start a page for these toys thanks .
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