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Author Topic: Some random items to ID plus dolls  (Read 5984 times)

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Some random items to ID plus dolls
« on: Wednesday 28 November 2012, 12:11 am »
Here are a bunch of small toys that I would like to identify. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The second picture is a close up of a part of the first picture.

Edited to add some dolls:
Tags says 1998 DSI Toys

Back of head is marked 1994 CITITOY GP045D China

No markings

Stamped 1993 Playskool

I also have a dress - it is too large for a Barbie (measures about 9" tall). The tag only says Made in China
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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 28 November 2012, 02:16 am »
I think the little Kewpie doll is a baby shower decoration. I remember my aunt bought some of those for my cousin's baby shower.

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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 28 November 2012, 02:22 am »
The yellow flat-looking doll, yellow heart rattle, and yellow bar of soap came from 1994 Babysitter Skipper.  You can see them on the back of the box in some of the pictures on this auction:

The pink basket with the yellow bow is from 1993 Littlest Pet Shop Ready To Go Pets Snuggle Bunny with Pretty Basket:

The large pet bowls are from Barbie dogs or cats from the early 1990s.  I had these two and you can see the bowls in the box:
I also believe the blue bow on that half circle is one of Tiffy's collars in a color variation or is from a different Barbie cat from the same time period.  I could have sworn my Tiffy had a blue bow.

Those things in the bottom left-hand corner of the first picture are crimping combs from 1990 Crimp 'n Curl Cabbage Patch Kids dolls:

From researching, Playskool had a dollhouse in 1993 and they made a stable for it.  I can't find your exact horse, but it does share a mold with one of those horses:

I've seen that pink bear before, but I can't recall where.  It has something to do with Barbie though.
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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #3 on: Wednesday 28 November 2012, 07:29 am »
your dsi doll is baby learns to walk. If you hold both sensors on her hands when she has batteries in she will talk and walk. I used to have one in my doll collection. Here is an ebay auction with a doll like yours

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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #5 on: Wednesday 28 November 2012, 04:10 pm »
The little siver crown/tiara might belong to the Keypers baby pony.

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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #6 on: Friday 30 November 2012, 04:36 am »
The crawling baby is a craft-store Kewpie clone. There's several on ebay if you search "Crawling Kewpie." I bought a few several months ago.

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Re: Some random items to ID plus dolls
« Reply #7 on: Saturday 01 December 2012, 09:52 pm »
The pink bear in the first and second photos looks like a toy for a Shelly doll.