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Author Topic: Robo-Chi pets by Tomy  (Read 2211 times)

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Robo-Chi pets by Tomy
« on: Saturday 12 January 2013, 08:24 am »
A section on these would be SO cool!  :)  These were a series of little robot pets that were very popular for a while; the dogs were called Poo-Chis, the cats were called Meow-Chis, and the birds were called Chirpy-Chis. (There were also some others introduced as Happy Meal toys, but regrettably, IDK their names, other than Baby-Chi.) They could move, bark, meow, or chirp, and their eyes would reflect their emotions(happy, sad et al.). Each of them also came with a little toy that they could play with: a bone for the dogs, a rubber mousie for the cats, and a cob of corn for the birds.

Here are a few pics I found online:

Some Poo-Chis



A couple of Meow-Chis


Several Robo-Chi Happy Meal toys of various ilks