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Author Topic: Blue fairy (not THE Blue Fairy) figurine/doll from early '90s  (Read 1746 times)

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Blue fairy (not THE Blue Fairy) figurine/doll from early '90s
« on: Thursday 14 February 2013, 07:34 am »
Copy/pasted (w/changes) from whatwasthatone.livejournal.com:

Back in the early '90s (somewhere between 1990-1992) I bought a vinyl/plastic (think the type of material that My Little Pony is/was made of) fairy doll/figurine that I no longer have. I actually really loved this doll and have been searching Google for it with no luck. My memory of it is kind of hazy but here is what I remember of it:

I don't think it was any particular brand?
She was almost entirely blue (except for her skin). Blue brushable hair, blue eyes, blue wings (can't remember what the wings were made of though), blue dress. I can't remember if the dress was removable but I'm 99% certain it was made of fabric (as opposed to, say, plastic).
She was sitting "on her knees" and her legs were fused in that position (this I'm 100% sure of). She had bare feet. I think her waist might have been twistable.
I can't remember whether her arms moved but I think they did, at the shoulders.
I think she was probably about three or four inches high from waist up.  Probably closer to three.

This is pretty much all I can remember and I'm probably getting some of this wrong, but I'd definitely know it if I saw it.
(end c/p)

I've looked on the site and it is not Flower Fairies, Fairy Winkles, Herself The Elf, or Fairy Tails.  Definitely not Sky Dancers either, or those Cottingl(e?)y fairies.  I live in the US as well so it would definitely be American. (edit: forgot to mention, but it was not Star Fairies either)
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