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Author Topic: Lil Lollypops dolls  (Read 1969 times)

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Lil Lollypops dolls
« on: Thursday 28 February 2013, 05:40 pm »
I have 4 dolls I cannot find the identity of. I know there is a topic about these already posted, but I need help identifying who made them, and what the value of these dolls are. They are lil lollypops with a Y not an I. I have two named, Tutie Frootie Cutie Pop and two others I will post the names of when I get home. Pictures will follow also. I am wondering how rare they are and what's a fair market value of the dolls. They are 100% sealed in their respected boxes with the original plastic piece going around their heads to hold each dolls hair down. Please HELP!!!!! Thank you.

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