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Author Topic: Monchichi fakies with clippy arms  (Read 2012 times)

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Monchichi fakies with clippy arms
« on: Saturday 28 September 2013, 09:06 am »
I found these at an antique store, and for 25 cents each I couldn't resist picking them up. Does anyone know what they are? They remind me of Monchichi dolls so they could be knock offs. Their heads turn and they each have clippy arms (which really don't work very well- I'm not sure if it's quality or age.) Also, the brown and tan foxes have jingle bells in their tails, while the red one curiously does not. There was another red one that was wearing a hat, but I left him behind.

Do they look familiar to any of you? I made another thread on the MLPArena, but thought I'd try here too. I'll be sure to keep both threads updated as we uncover new information about them.

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Re: Monchichi fakies with clippy arms
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 28 September 2013, 11:34 am »
I've not looked to deeply in Monchichi yet  ;D, but they look like proper clip-ons. There were various other animal friends like raccoons and skunks.

These are raccoons, which your left clip-on looks like:


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