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Author Topic: 70s walking fashion doll!  (Read 4023 times)

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70s walking fashion doll!
« on: Saturday 07 December 2013, 10:02 pm »
For christmas, I want to get my mother a doll that she had when she was a child, but it was given away by accident! To this day she still talks about it, so I'd love to surprise her with a replacement. I'm just having trouble finding it based on the description I have, so if any experts can help I'd be so grateful! The description is below.
- fashion doll
- sold in the early 1970s (or possibly late '60s)
- dark hair
- the doll walks when you place your hands on its waist (in theory, at least!)
- clothes: mini brown pinafore with orange sleeves and orange flowers

I appreciate any suggestions! :)

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Re: 70s walking fashion doll!
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 02 February 2014, 03:32 am »
AvaDora, this could be a NUMBER of "Walker Dolls," popular from the 40s onward. How big was she? Eye color?