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Author Topic: Colouring book and Sticker books ID help  (Read 3125 times)

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Colouring book and Sticker books ID help
« on: Thursday 30 January 2014, 03:21 pm »
Looking for two different things here, please bear with me-

First was a Muppet Babies colouring book. There may have been others but I only had this one. You only got one pen with it that was white, and when you coloured over the paper the colours "magically" appeared? Can't seem to find pictures of it or it for sale anywhere, I used to love that book.

Second was a series of re-usable sticker books, I had loads but unfortunately the only ones I can remember had loads of different bugs (quite realistic) and the setting was a pond so you could see inside it and underground? Hope that makes sense. I also had a really amazing Richard Scarry and Animals of Farthing wood ones but I don't know if they are by the same company. I used to love re-usable sticker albums :)

Any help with these would be much appreciated!

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Re: Colouring book and Sticker books ID help
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 30 January 2014, 05:53 pm »
I know what kind of book you are talking about for the Muppet Babies one. I had a similar one that was Tiny Toons.