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Puppy in my Pocket
« on: Sunday 29 June 2014, 04:17 am »
Hey everyone!  I've been working hard the last few months on getting a Puppy in my Pocket website going.  It's still in progress,  but I thought it was time to share!


I'm planning on including all of the IMP lines, including Puppies, Kitties, Ponies, Teddies, and Bunnies.  Right now I'm mostly done with the Puppies and Kitties and have just started to add Ponies. 

This is the most in-depth IMP site that I am aware of, as it includes color variations and card scans of all types.

I also have a message board where we discuss all things IMP related.
(If there's a rule regarding "competing" messages boards, please let me know and I will delete this part of my message!)