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Author Topic: Funrise Horses...Information? Pictures?  (Read 2381 times)

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Funrise Horses...Information? Pictures?
« on: Wednesday 30 July 2014, 01:33 am »
After years of searching, I was able to idenitfy the first type of model horses I collected as a kid as Funrise Horses, a set called the "International Show Horse Collection". Outside of finding a picture of a sticker sheet that had the names of all the breeds made to put the name tags on the doors of the little stable, I haven't found much else about these horses.

I'm curious to know more about them. I swear I saw two sets of them on a website a couple of years ago made by an "educational" toy company and they were almost exactly the same as the ones I had, just in slightly more subuded coloring.

Does anyone have any information or pictures of them? :) They have a special meaning to me...I have Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD, and school was kind of rough for me. In third grade, I was rewarded for the good weeks I had with several of the horses. I remember going to the store with my dad to buy a whole bunch of them, then my parents would keep them in their room until I earned them. I remember how happy it made me to add to my growing herd in those pre-Breyer days, and to know that I'd done something good. So...I'm starting to try to recollect them, for old time's sake. And to celebrate not being a very well adjusted, happy, productive 32 year old woman! :)

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Re: Funrise Horses...Information? Pictures?
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 30 July 2014, 08:21 am »
Looked on ebay.

Are these them? They are in little plastic spaces in a container and looks like the labels above could've been stickers

here is a link to the ebay listing. Didn't want to image post the ebay photo, since those expire after a time period

here are some pictures of what I found when I googled the horses and 'stable'.
I suppose this isn't it?

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Re: Funrise Horses...Information? Pictures?
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 31 July 2014, 10:58 pm »
I had that set a long time ago. I would play with them for hours I can not remember if I gave them to my cousins or donated them.

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Re: Funrise Horses...Information? Pictures?
« Reply #3 on: Friday 20 February 2015, 10:25 am »
Nice....Like this....