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Author Topic: Need opinions for my website  (Read 1829 times)

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Need opinions for my website
« on: Saturday 02 August 2014, 05:50 pm »
Hi all! I was hoping for some opinions / feedback on a website I've been working on. I created it initially to ID Barbies, and that is still the main focus. However, my brain is overflowing with lots of other things I can do with it! I would love to ID and catalog as many Barbie accessories, shoes, brushes, playsets, etc. as possible. I also have a general Comb / ID page I'm working on. I'm also planning to add forums since I constantly have Barbie-specific questions.

But my big idea now is to have a store section where I would like to add single-item accessories for sale. I pick up so many things while garage saleing and thrifting, that I have quite a collection. So my big question is, as collectors, do people look for single pieces to complete their sets? I plan to have Barbie stuff, as well as Ninja Turtle accessories, possibly LPS (modern), random game pieces, etc. I was thinking each piece would probably be $1 to start. Thoughts?

to view my progress so far, here is my site:

thank you! :)
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Re: Need opinions for my website
« Reply #1 on: Friday 03 July 2015, 01:30 pm »
Lovely dolls.
Thanks for sharing.