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Author Topic: **FREE** Fluppy Dogs, Pound Puppies [taken: She-Ra, Barbie dolls & clothing]  (Read 3100 times)

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Hey, there!

Here's a list of toys I have up for grabs. They are all in ok condition (nothing ripped, stained, or funny-smelling). The Barbies and the She-Ra dolls are a bit more worn than the stuffed animals. Feel free to message me with any questions.

  • 2 pink stuffed Fluppy Dogs
  • lot of Pound Puppies & Accessories
  • lot of She-Ra dolls & Accessories  TAKEN
  • lot of Barbie dolls & Accessories TAKEN

Take a look at this imgur album for photos: http://imgur.com/a/RMAih#Kp75OD5

Let me know which item(s) you want, and then we'll figure out shipping costs (shipping from 17402 PA USA). I ask you to please cover shipping. I'll check in with you about a final packaging size, and I will send you the package after receiving your payment via PayPal. Please no separation of items in a lot.
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Re: **FREE** Fluppy Dogs, Pound Puppies [taken: She-Ra, Barbie dolls & clothing]
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Hi. I have sent you a private message. Thank you