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Author Topic: Sparkly Hat Jellyfish mystery.  (Read 4178 times)

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Sparkly Hat Jellyfish mystery.
« on: Sunday 03 May 2015, 08:34 am »
I found this lying in a parking lot many years ago and it has tormented me ever since. I have a whole website where I regularly talk obscure toys but I've got no idea here, and it has no identifying markings whatsoever.

One person said on tumblr that they think they recall these coming with bottles of soap, that's been my only lead.

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Re: Sparkly Hat Jellyfish mystery.
« Reply #1 on: Monday 06 July 2015, 03:23 am »

I'm the one that directed you here from Tumblr, Bog, and I've been searching high and low for your pink alien... unfortunately "alien toy" and other similar searches bring up mostly Toy Story aliens, and there are quite a lot of small monster figurines... I'm not giving up on this one yet, though! Someone out there HAS to know SOMETHING about it!