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Author Topic: Flower Girl Collection Clip-ons (1982)  (Read 3265 times)

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Flower Girl Collection Clip-ons (1982)
« on: Sunday 02 May 2010, 10:10 pm »
I had one of these little dolls when I was a kid and I adored her. (I think her feet came off, which is why I no longer have her.) I lucked into rediscovering them a few years ago.

They seem to have come in little plastic bags with cardboard at the top and cardboard tags inside.

The card says "The Flower Girl Collection Clip On" and "Squeeze my shoulders...turn my head...clip me everywhere!" on the front.

On the back is a blurb about "clip-on uses" and then copyright info. 1982 I.T.I.-HAWAII, INC. Honolulu, Hawaii.

The cardboard tag attached to each doll says "...like blossoms bursting forth in a rainbow of happiness, our Flower Girls rejoice in all that is good and wonderful in life... May she bring a springtime of smiles and laughter into your heart." and then the bit about shoulder-squeezing again. The back of the tag says "Another Fine Product from the Republic of Korea" and then the Hawaii stuff again.

You can see all the different color variations I have, but the one I had as a kid was blue, so there's gotta be a blue one out there somewhere, too!
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Re: 1982 Flower Girl Collection Clip-ons
« Reply #1 on: Monday 03 May 2010, 02:50 am »
They look really cute, but I don't think that I've ever seen them? Were they sold at regular toys stores?

Good luck tracking down your blue one!
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Re: 1982 Flower Girl Collection Clip-ons
« Reply #2 on: Monday 03 May 2010, 03:21 am »
I have no idea where I got mine. Could have been a gift. I know I've never been to Hawaii or Korea! Heh.  ;)