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Author Topic: Fairy Tail Cottage and Dolls by Ohio Art?  (Read 3076 times)

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Fairy Tail Cottage and Dolls by Ohio Art?
« on: Sunday 13 December 2015, 10:54 pm »
Hello - brand new to the forum.

I'm looking for info about this little play set I purchased yesterday. It has two small dolls about Kiddle size with cloth bodies and long yarn hair and the cottage is marked Fairy Tail Cottage, made by Ohio Art. I've looked all over the Internet and can't find another one like it. Is it 1980s? I know Ohio Art made tin toys, but can't seem to find this piece anywhere. Thanks for your help.


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Re: Fairy Tail Cottage and Dolls by Ohio Art?
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 20 December 2015, 06:46 pm »
I've take a good look but can find no other mention of this set on the internet other than the eBay link above.

Here are a couple of images from seller langkevin2012's sale. It looks like the dolls were designed to be braided into your hair.

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