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Author Topic: Hush a Bye baby doll  (Read 1647 times)

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Hush a Bye baby doll
« on: Monday 01 February 2016, 10:14 am »
I'm pulling this one from the archive files...  I was wondering if anyone had a picture of it in the box? Or have one for sale?

I still have mine and I believe she's still in her original clothes.... and still works...
I can't find any information on her at all. This is all I have...She is in her original clothes, she cries when she is turned on and laughs once patted on the back a few times....then starts crying again once you stop patting her on the back... She has sleeping eyes... no whole in the mouth.

The address and company details on the back of the doll are:
Hornby Hobbies Limited
Margate, Kent, CT9 4JX England
Requires 1 PP3/MN 1604 9V Battery

Video to display the sound she makes : https://youtu.be/Q6w9CcZoQ90
I have emailed the company and this is their reply....NOTE: The address in their reply is the same as the address on the back of the doll.
Dear Anita,
Thank you for your e-mail and apologies for the time taken to respond to you. Unfortunately we are unable to help you with this as Hornby never produced dolls.

Kind regards
Customer Care
Hornby Hobbies Ltd
Enterprise Road
Westwood Industrial Estate
Kent CT9 4JX
Tel +44 (0)1843 233525
Fax +44 (0)1843 233527
email: customercare@hornby.com
If this is the case, what would the value of such a doll be if the company disowns it?

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