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Author Topic: Please help ID - 80s/90s Robot Toy  (Read 2353 times)

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Please help ID - 80s/90s Robot Toy
« on: Tuesday 07 June 2016, 02:32 am »
This has bothered me for years.  When I was a kid I once was given two toys from a certain toy series. One was a large maybe 8 - 12" tall highly posable action figure that looked like an anime robot with very Guyver-like features. It was mostly red and white I believe. It had small holes in the back of the calves and other places.

The second toy was a box of vehicles that could transform into a robot OR become armor that fit onto the robot action figure. It looked awesome. There was a large red spaceship and a long rolling white platform vehicle with large gray gun weapons that could fit into it and some kind of drill vehicle.

The red ship would combine with the others to become the robot. I remember the drill vehicle had two drills that would break apart symmetrically and be used for the leg joints. The red ship was the torso/main section.

But in armor mode, the rolling white platform vehicle would fold up onto the action figure's legs and have pegs that snapped into the holes in the figure's calves. The drill would become the hands and shoulders and the red ship would become the torso.

Please message me with any ideas!!!  Much appreciated in advance.

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Re: Please help ID - 80s/90s Robot Toy
« Reply #1 on: Thursday 25 August 2016, 09:20 pm »
It seems to me that it might be related to Transformers or Mazinger. I can't come up with anything else, sorry. Hope this is of some help!