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Author Topic: Mini My Pet Monster? MOTU?  (Read 1755 times)

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Mini My Pet Monster? MOTU?
« on: Sunday 23 October 2016, 03:21 pm »
Not sure how to post the pics here from my windows gallery. Suggestions? I could list on my eBay store with a silly price for now.

This vintage one looks like it should be a mini for My Pet Monster, with the bright furry colors and reptilian beak, but don't think so. It is 4" x 2", dark teal plastic w white painted claws, mostly covered with shocking pink half inch fur. Pointy tail and eagle-like beak. When it worked, you backed it up to wind a spring and let go to move forward and make mouth chomp. Oddly, there are no eyes, or they fell off. No markings.

Time for another? I have a vintage 6" She-Ra knock off, but it is not Goddess of the Ultra Cosmos OR Galaxy Adventure Girl, though similar. The head is wider and the WW type boots different.   These are dark blue/silver trim, along with out of control blue hair. She has flared out wrist armor and a bikini type outfit that exposes her stomach and 'tramp stamp' (if she had one). Top forms short 'fins' above shoulders. Waist swivels 360. No markings.
Also appreciated, any tips on fixing loose legged Goddesses w limp/broken rubberbands.
Thanks so much, Bob in Ohio.