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Author Topic: Unusual Mermaid doll from the 90s  (Read 4496 times)

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Unusual Mermaid doll from the 90s
« on: Sunday 01 January 2017, 10:40 pm »

This is a long shot, but here it goes.

In the early nineties I got a mermaid doll, in fact I had several, this one was pretty unusual though.
This was when mermaid dolls were pretty popular and knock-off little mermaids were everywhere.

Was in a toy store in Italy, had some money (think it was birthday cash) this doll caught my eye just as I was leaving, I know it must have been pretty cheap because I had already spent most of my money and had just enough left over for her.

Sadly I don't have any photos of the doll, I'm not sure what happened to her after moving several times growing up.
I will do my best to describe the doll from memory and link pics of similar dolls.

This doll was about the standard Barbie size, was not an official barbie, sindy , disney, steffi love or other popular brand.
I do not remember the brand alas.
I don't believe it was a 'mermaid princess' I had several of those too though.

She had a solid body, heavier higher quality plastic than most 'knockoff' dolls, pretty well made.
If I remember correctly her knees bent slightly (that kind of clicky bend not fully jointed) and her arms were slightly rubbery not totally rigid. Could be wrong!

A gold sequinned top and tail, the top was very similar to this doll, but I think the tail was different
This doll is certainly the most similar, but not identical. May be made by the same company? Can't find one exactly like it though.


The tail was closer (but not identical to) this doll, but gold more like the fabric from the top I think


She had long yellowish blonde hair, I think there were other colours too.

The most noteworthy and unusual thing about this doll though, and I hope this is okay to bring up here, was that, well- she had a 'realistic' chest, it was rather um 'detailed' in a very unusual way.  I haven't seen another doll that was moulded like that.
I thought this was hilarious as a kid, also it was kind of annoying because most barbie etc outfits didn't fit or looked odd on her, let's just say she looked cold in several tops haha.
She was a somewhat different body type to most barbies in general so many doll clothes didn't fit.

My husband doesn't believe me when I tell him I had a doll with that detail, aside from her chest  the rest of her was a pretty normal mermaid doll.

I got her in Italy, but I think there was writing on the package in several languages.

Has anyone else encountered a doll like that?

I'm very curious to learn what kind of doll this was and if anyone else remembers them.