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Author Topic: Please help me find this childhood treasure!  (Read 3001 times)

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Please help me find this childhood treasure!
« on: Thursday 06 May 2010, 09:31 pm »
I had this toy as a child, then gave it to a charity shop or sold it when I got older and we cleared out my toys, and NEVER saw anything like it after that... I've always regretted getting rid of it, and the fact that I can't find one like it anywhere frustrates me. I think I had it around 1990, but I'm not sure if it was bought new in store at that time or that I got it from a thriftshop or something, so I don't know what year it's from. What's also important is that I live in Holland, so I don't know if it was also sold in the US. Unfortunately I have no idea of the manufacturer and brand... What I remember most about the toy is that I loved it's eyes, they were very pretty and had stars in them. The picture below is constructed using parts from other toys and merging them together in Photoshop. I made it from memory so there might be a few errors. For example I'm not sure if it had the pawprints but I think it had, and also I'm not sure if it's snout was in a different color or the same color as the rest. I also think it rattled. What I am sure about is that is was holding this horse toy shaped like a baby's rattle (a circle with a head and legs on it). It was a little more green-ish than in this pic, but as far as I can remember, this pic is pretty accurate.
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Re: Please help me find this childhood treasure!
« Reply #1 on: Friday 07 May 2010, 01:35 am »
That's a pretty awesome reconstructed pic.  I'm going guess it's for a baby/toddler just because it rattled inside and go on that.  :)


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Re: Please help me find this childhood treasure!
« Reply #2 on: Saturday 24 March 2012, 09:05 pm »
This looks nothing like your toy, but it did have the stars in its eyes and caught my eye so I thought I'd post it anyways and get some feedback. It's by Commonwealth Toys, apparently.

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