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Author Topic: Random toys to ID/PC please !  (Read 2817 times)

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Random toys to ID/PC please !
« on: Tuesday 30 January 2018, 08:18 pm »
Hi guys !

Got some random toys to ID, any help is welcome ! :) Also, pricecheck please? Ahoy for LONG POST WITH LOTS OF PICS !!

Thanks in advance :D Here are the pics:

This is roughly Sylvanian Families size, but I think it's unbranded. Not sure.

A bit bigger size, might belong to Famillie Gladys dolls !

Sylvanian Families size, might just be a random unbranded thing.

Same as above.

Sorry for blurry pic. The motifs are tiny shells.

These have got a texture like ice cream cones.

I've ID'd the doll, but any idea on the dress?

Nope, no clue.

Doll size, unbranded. Any ideas?

Kinda the same size as G3 Wysteria bride wedding arch. Hollow on the other side.

FOTO FROM EBAY SELLER. I have been trying FOR YEARS to find what these are. Polly Pocket size. They come with a case that is building-shaped where you can place everything inside. You have tiny houses that you can mix and match the roof and base. They also come with tiny cars and vespa-like motorbikes. Also come with simple, flat trees. I think there was a fountain roudabout as well. PLEASE, ANY INFO ON THESE AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER !!!

Got this one second-hand. Seems vintage, but not sure how old exactly. Any ideas?

Same as above. Might be 80's or 90's.

Quite hard, loads of stuffing. Any clue on the year it might've been made?

These two ! I think they might be handmade, but I don't know. As above, quite hard stuffing. Plastic eyes. No sign of tags anywhere. I did some research, might be from 60's. Ideas?

We have all seen Twilight Ponies before, I'm sure. But I cannot find for the life of me this character's name.

Quite heavy, made of plastic. Handpainted maybe? No marks or brand.

I know this is Disney Princess stuff, probably from Cinderella. I found the big, doll-sized version of this one, but this is G2 size. Help?

Vintage fakie?

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Re: Random toys to ID/PC please !
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 06 February 2018, 10:39 pm »
How big are the ice cream cones? Because I think they might be from an easy bake treat maker where you could make frozen treats and ice cream.

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Re: Random toys to ID/PC please !
« Reply #2 on: Monday 12 February 2018, 05:11 pm »
The other possibility for the ice cream cones is that they might be from a Play Doh set.

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Re: Random toys to ID/PC please !
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 01 March 2018, 02:43 pm »
If I remember correctly then the pink unicorn with rainbow colored hair and three red bows on its hip is a Pony Land pony.  They had three bows as a symbol on their hip and a brownish eyeshadow above the eye.  You had unicorns and also baby ponies that stood on their behind legs.

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Re: Random toys to ID/PC please !
« Reply #4 on: Friday 23 March 2018, 07:28 pm »
The bears are from "Teddys Wonderland". Enter "Teddys Wonderland Toy" in Google then some pictures and pages would have to come.