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Author Topic: ID PLS: Carriage vehicle; light pink w white wheels & canopy and sparkly curtain  (Read 1368 times)

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I saw a picture of a vehicle around the size of She-ra's "Sea Harp". I can't tell if its a car or a carriage, but it looks like it's got two rows of seats. I can't tell if there are things to attach horses to it or not. It is rectangular shaped (not a pumpkin carriage) but the coloring all looks very fairy/princess to me. The wheels are white with pink centers, the base is blue, the rest of the frame appears to be a pale pink and it has a canopy that is white. From the canopy appears to be hanging a sparkly curtain, but that also could be an addition from the owner. I want to ID it before making an offer, any help is appreciated.
PS: I've already done exhaustive google-image searches, looked at every page on here by alphabet, combed the successfully ID'd listings. I'd say its sort of sea-toned colors and even though its pictured in front of a Sea Harp box, I also can't know for sure what scale it's for. I know it is not: She-ra, Golden Girl, Flower Fairies, Rose Petal Palace, SSC, Tenko, Jewel Riders, or Moon dreamers.