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Unidentified Pantograph Toy
« on: Sunday 20 December 2020, 06:45 pm »
First post. Evening all.

Keen to identify a toy that operated like Merit's Driving Test, where a hidden magnet on a pantograph was used to move - in this case - tiny seaplanes and boats around a plastic relief map of a seascape with an island and a harbour. The mechanism wasn't a joystick, but more like a large knob in a + shaped slot. Moving and turning this allowed you to pick up the planes and ships, but I can't remember what the purpose of the toy was. I had assumed this would almost certainly be a Merit item, as they had multiple pantograph/magnet items. But even multi-keyword descriptions into Google have yielded zilch. I was convinced the seaplanes aspect of the toy would make easy to identify, but what do I know?!

Any takers?

I don't like to be defeated. I nailed mint examples of Triang's Shoot Or Surrender, Race N Chase, Bandit Chase, and the Technofix 303 Alpine Cable Car, - and if it kills me I'll fine this one! Hopefully, with your help!