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Author Topic: Large Baby Doll (can suck thumb and toe) [Dec 2009]  (Read 2908 times)

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Large Baby Doll (can suck thumb and toe) [Dec 2009]
« on: Sunday 07 March 2010, 07:13 pm »
Catrina emailed me this doll description:

"I am desperately trying to find a doll that was given to me in the mid 80's. The doll was larger than a cabbage patch, I would say probably twice the size at least. It had a plastic head, hands, and feet, but the body was cloth. The head was big, and it had large facial features. The eyes closed when you layed it down and it's mouth was in an O shape so it could suck it's thumb and big toe. It had short curly hair, a light brown color. I called it a blikie doll, but have no idea what it's real name was. I've searched for years and have had no luck please help."
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