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Author Topic: Reproduction Pound Puppies at Target!  (Read 672 times)

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Reproduction Pound Puppies at Target!
« on: Friday 09 August 2019, 03:07 am »
I bought one a couple of days ago for $17.99 at a US Target.  They also have the newborns for $7.99 each.

Wal-Mart's website has the big ones for $24.99, so I don't know if Target has a pricing error or not.   They also have reproduction Trolls now.

Really nice, they're based on the Tonka versions.  The newborns even have diapers on like the originals.  I found an original Tonka Pound Puppies at a Salvation Army store for 99 cents a couple of months ago, and the spotting pattern is identical to the original.  The one I bought is like a caramel color with brown spots, brown ears, and a brown nose.

Inside the box, you get an adoption certificate, a checklist of the available products (they made two different jumbo ones, but Target didn't have them), and a sheet of stickers.  The stickers are so cute!  The actual "fur" on the dog is very silky, almost velvet-like.  Very nice to pet compared to the older one (I also compared to a Galoob one from the 1990s).

They're made by Basic Fun, who makes all of the reproduction toys.  Anyone else really loving these?  I've got most of the reproduction My Little Pony ponies (including that "Stranger Things" Applejack).  My Target is several waves behind, but I was able to snag Confetti last night from their website.  I just need the other five from that wave and the Flutter ponies.  I also have the reproduction Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  I hope that one day, they'll make reproduction Jem dolls.  Pretty much all of the reproductions are Hasbro properties except the reproduction Fisher-Price toys.