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Author Topic: Mermaids! (again)  (Read 3372 times)

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Mermaids! (again)
« on: Monday 12 April 2021, 07:21 pm »
Soooo the old mermaids thread, a lot of the pictures are unavailable.

What I know:
these are the lowest quality clones. Clones of clones even, any head stamp has been blanked with a rectangle. Lightweight hollow bodies.

They appear very similar to Toys N Things Mermaid Princess and Barter marked dolls.
The hair colour matched their outfit.
The top fastened with velcro, not elastic.
The tail has a gold mesh on the fins.
Fairly sure I saw these somewhere online years ago and they were sold on cards.

I have green and yellow (minus bikinis) and have seen a blue tail on pinterest.

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