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Author Topic: old pink kids flashlight/torch toy? elc brand  (Read 3901 times)

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old pink kids flashlight/torch toy? elc brand
« on: Sunday 05 January 2020, 08:48 am »
I was clearing out some old boxes from my childhood bedroom and came across this toy that I loved so much as a child. I'm wondering if anyone can identify it for me? I've looked everywhere I can, reverse image searched, but nothing. Has anyone seen this toy before?
I'm desperate to find out what this toy is called so I can buy a new one as this one I have is so beaten up it won't work, and all the screws are shredded so no option of just new batteries.
I think I remember having it around the 2000s - 2010s?
Never used imgur before but hopefully this link works:

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Re: old pink kids flashlight/torch toy? elc brand
« Reply #1 on: Monday 06 January 2020, 12:19 am »
ELC is Early Learning Centre.
It seems to be referred to as a 3-coloured torch on sales pages. They are still available, but in colours other than pink.