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Author Topic: 1990/1980 Squeeking Mouse Toy  (Read 4453 times)

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1990/1980 Squeeking Mouse Toy
« on: Monday 13 January 2020, 11:44 am »
My sister and I have been trying to find an image of a toy we had as kids, it was around the late 1980s possibly early 1990's. The toy was a grey mouse that was about 10cm tall, it was made of hard plastic but had rubber ears and tail. You slid a piece of cheese into it's hands and that cheese pushed in a button that would make the mouse squeak periodically.

The aim of the 'game' was for one person to hide the mouse then everyone else had to follow the squeak to find it again.

We have tried good old google but cannot find an image of this toy, can anyone help please as it's driving us mad!

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Re: 1990/1980 Squeeking Mouse Toy
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 30 December 2020, 02:05 am »
Would it be a game called "Squeak and Seek"?
I tried posting an image, but it didn't come up. Give it a google and see?