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Author Topic: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine  (Read 5392 times)

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I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« on: Saturday 24 July 2010, 11:25 pm »
I've picked up copies over the years, but none have ever been as good as they were doing the first few years. (I have no idea who subscribed me, but I got the first 2 years).

Randomly came across this person posting scans of them in another forum (thanks Google Pictures Search!) :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 - In Progress

I blame this magazine for me loving Tale Spin and desperately wanting the Little Mermaid Tiger Electronics Handheld game... it's like I could see it in my fingers...

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Re: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 25 July 2010, 05:04 am »
I used to have TONS of those!

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Re: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« Reply #2 on: Sunday 25 July 2010, 07:01 am »
I use to read them from 1990-1996. I have an abused collection of them. They are well loved. I wrote in a bunch of them. I liked to read the Rescue Ranger and Darkwing Duck comics. I also liked the entertainment and fashion articles.

Did anybody else read the Colossal digest or the individual comics for the different series?

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Re: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 25 July 2010, 09:43 am »
I Loved These magazines. I actually have close to 100, most I had since I was a child. Some are doubles because I found and bought some at thift stores and didn't realize I had them.

I remember I was first drawn to these at the grocery store because I saw the cover with Mickey Mouse and Macauley Culkin.....I had a HUGE crush on Mac! I got that issue and collected them ever since. They are cancelled now but I saw something similar at the grocery store the other day. I think it was just called the "Magazine" though.

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Re: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« Reply #4 on: Monday 26 July 2010, 01:46 am »
I have boxes of the little ones pictured, from several years! I also have magazines of Little Mermaid, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, Disney (the larger ones), and some others.
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Re: I LOVED Disney Adventures Magazine
« Reply #5 on: Thursday 29 July 2010, 08:38 am »
I used to love this magazine too! I forgot all about it! thanks for sharing!!