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Author Topic: ID help for multiple items  (Read 7518 times)

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Re: ID help for multiple items
« Reply #15 on: Wednesday 01 September 2010, 06:01 pm »
 Figure -26 may have been part of the Tyco  Super  Blocks line or something similar  i had some when i was young in addition to the lady figure there was a fireman,police officer,and a mailman.

Misc-23 is duplo it is similar to the farm family but the farm family one has a red dress but not a green one

Misc-25 is NOT lego or duplo my grandma had these when i was a kid

Misc-29 took a look at some lego site as well as duplo does not match body type do not think it is ether
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Re: ID help for multiple items
« Reply #16 on: Wednesday 15 September 2010, 01:44 pm »
Figure-22 i cant remember his name but he is the bad guy from All Dogs Go To Heaven made by Hardees.
Figure-23 Tom and Jerry made by Burger King.

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Re: ID help for multiple items
« Reply #17 on: Thursday 16 September 2010, 10:36 pm »
FurnSD-06  is a Cabbage Patch Kids piece. I have one somewhere.

Figure-20 and 21 is Lil me

Misc-17 is from Teddy Ruxpin, I think.

Hair-15 is from Herself the elf

Hair-17 maybe furr-ever friends?