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"The most life like baby doll in the world!"

Baby Talk was produced by Galoob in 1985-93 and were large 18 inch interactive talking dolls. They has plastic heads and limbs, and cloth bodies. When the doll spoke, its eyes and mouth also moved.

They were sold in several different counties and spoke at least four languages (most likely more).

  • English - Baby Talk
  • French - Bébé de Lansay
  • Italian - Bebi Mia
  • Dutch - ?

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Back packaging of the later dolls shows four sets of clothing called "Little Closet", a cat backpack set called "Going Bye Bye", and an Interactive Video System.

The interactive video system was exactly the same kit as that produced for Galoob's Smarty Bear, which was far more popular.

This is a back packaging image of the dolls, outfits and accessories.

"Accessories that let little mothers take Baby Talk everywhere! There's a Soft Carry Pack to strap on in front or back, complete with all the essentials Baby Talk might need - a toy telephone rattle, training cup, dish, spoon, pacifier/teether, baby powder, comb and brush. For special occasions or when mommy takes Baby Talk shopping, there’s a darling little dress, with shoes and socks to match. And for bedtime, there’s the perfect sleeper outfit - it even comes with its own Baby Talk blanket."

The first two images are from the 1987 Galoob catalogue, which calls the "Going Bye Bye" accessory "Soft Carry Case", and was stated to include two of the four outfits show above.

These three images are from the 1989 Galoob catalogue, but look to have been taken at the same time as the above.

Baby Talk II [1993]

"Dress up Baby Talk II in fun new outfits!"

The 1993 Galoob catalogue featured a new and improved Baby Talk doll and three new outfits, although I have as yet to find any images of her besides the catalogue.

"Now Baby Talk II has outfits for any occasion"

  • Party Fun Dress with leotards and shoes.
  • Sleepytime Nightie with matching slippers.
  • Rainy Day Slicker with matching hat and boots.

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Baby Talk :: Accessories