Glo Pals / Chubby Curls

"When you hold me tight, I'll light to comfort you at night!"

Glo-Pals were produced by Lanard in 1994. They were a small series of plastic cats which when squeezed would light up (just like the large Snugglebumms). They had long brushable hair and came in various colours. In 1997, Lanard repackaged the same toys with different accessories and changed their name to Cubby Curls.

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The figures came in various colours and styles. Glo-Pals came with a bell on their ribbon collars, a night cap, blanket and what looks like a candle and holder (but could be something else). Cubby Curls came with a bell, comb, brush with mirror on back, hair-clips, beads, hair-bands and "I love Cubby Curls" stickers.

There were two different body moulds used, and some had wide eyes but most had a slightly closed look. There were stripy ones, patchy ones and geometric patterned ones. Without finding more packaging images there is no way to know for sure if the colourings were the same from one set to another, but I suspect that was the case (the old left-over toys were simply repackaged with a new name and sold again). One strong indicator of this is that the packaged stripy "Cubby Curls" was also illustrated on the "Glo-Pals" packaging.




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Glo-Pals & Cubby Curls