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"Bringing magic to life!"

Princess Magic Touch were produced by Coleco in 1987. They were a set of dolls which came with a charm that would only open up when touched by the doll's "magic" wand. The charm would then turn into a piece of jewellery you could wear. There was also a few playsets produced which all also had "magical" properties.

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There were eight playsets produced. They each came with plenty of accessories but none came with dolls.

Flower Fountain

"The Flower Fountain has a springtime flower surprise. It's magic! There's a beautiful bouquet for you!"

Included was:

  • Fountain and four benches
  • Pink Umbrella
  • Pink Hat
  • 2 Pink Birds
  • Purple Wand

"With a touch of the magic wand... the flowers magically bloom!"

Garden Swing

"The Garden Swing really swings. It's magic! It swings all by itself!"

Included was:

  • Swing
  • Yellow Umbrella
  • Yellow Hat
  • 2 Yellow Fans
  • Yellow Tea Trolley with Cup and Jug
  • Purple Wand

"With a touch of the magic wand... the swing magically swings!"

Beauty Salon

"The Beauty Salon has endless beauty parlour fun. It's magic! The flower opens to reveal a beauty salon inside! It's magic! - and the beauty cabinet doors open!"

Included was:

  • Purple Table & Pink Chair
  • 2 Pink Hair Picks
  • Pink Comb, Mirror and Brush
  • 2 Pink Hair Curlers
  • 2 Hair Ribbons
  • 3 Pink Bottles
  • Yellow Wand

"With a touch of the magic wand... the Beauty Salon magically opens... the styling chair magically turns! The beauty cabinet magically opens too!"

Grand Piano

"The Grand Piano holds a magic treat. It's magic! It opens, and the music magically plays all by itself - even the keys move!"

Included was:

  • Piano and Stool
  • Purple Candelabra
  • Purple Metronome
  • Purple Music Stand with Music Sheet
  • Purple Guitar
  • Purple Flute
  • Pink Wand

"With a touch of the magic wand... the piano magically opens... and plays all by itself!"

Jewel Case

"The Jewel Case keeps jewellery magically inside. It's magic! The shelves inside turn!...and turn!...and turn, holding pretty doll necklaces and tiaras!"

Included was:

  • 2 Tiaras
  • Pink Wand
  • 3 Pink Hair Picks
  • 2 Pink Necklaces
  • 2 Pink Jewellery Boxes

"With a touch of the magic wand... the doors magically open... the shelves magically turn!"

Rose Carriage

"The Rose Carriage doll coach is a delightful way to travel. It's magic! Petals become wheels and the butterfly leads the way! It's magic! - it's a two-seated rolling carriage!"

"Rose Carriage" is the only playset I have never found a loose or packaged image of. It's possible that it was never produced, or only in a very small quantity. If you know anything about this set please contact me!

Included was:

  • 3 Blue Hair Picks
  • 2 Blue Hats
  • Blue Suit Case
  • Yellow Wand
  • Blue Umbrella
  • Blue Handbag

"With a touch of the magic wand... the rosebud magically becomes a carriage! The butterfly magically flaps its wings!"

Tea Table

"The Tea Table makes tea time specially fun. It's magic! There's an instant tea setting for you!"

Included was:

  • Table and 2 Chairs (all table items were fixed)
  • Purple Wand
  • Purple Tea Trolley
  • Purple Tray
  • Purple Tiara

"With a touch of the magic wand... it's magically tea time!"

Wishing Well

"The Wishing Well has a surprise in its pail. It's magic! There's a little frog friend for you!"

Included was:

  • Blue Frog
  • Blue Bunny
  • Blue Bucket with Ladle
  • Purple Wand

"With a touch of the magic wand... a frog magically appears!"

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Princess Magic Touch :: Playsets