Yawnies were produced by Hornby Hobbies Limited in 1987. They were a short lived series of plush animals which could be made to yawn when used like a puppet. They had a hole at the backs of their heads for you to put your fingers in to animate them.

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There were originally six animals in the series which came in three sizes (approx. 8", 14" & 18"), but I have also found three, possibly four more characters which may have been part of a second, small release series (I just don't know!).

The largest size is the hardest to find. The design didn't change from one size to the next, so I have only included one image of each animal.

Beddy Bye The Bunny Cuddly The Mouse Dreamy The Lion

Nighty The Dog Slumber The Cat Snoozey Bear

Are these four part of a second series with only a small production line? The dragon, elephant and pig were found in the UK and labeled correctly, whereas the bird was found in the US as has no labeling, so could be a knockoff. The bird and pig are medium in size and the dragon and elephant are small. I've also seen a large elephant too, so must have all been released in different sized like the ones above.

Bird Dragon Elephant Pig

For completeness, here are images of Slumber The Cat in his three different sizes, plus packaging:

Large Medium Small

Packaging (medium)

For Sale

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