My Little Angel :: Pets

"Magical Angels to Watch Over You!"

My Little Angel was a short lived series of angel and cherub dolls produced by ERTL in 1993. The dolls had detachable plastic glitter & liquid filled wings, as did their three animal friends.

Images on this page my own or found on eBay, with thanks to various sellers!.


There were three pets which were sold in sets with a cherub. The pets had glitter and liquid filled wings like the Angles, only they weren't detachable. See the Cherubs page for more information on them.

Each set came with came with a various accessories for the cherub - headband, colour-change nappie, bottle, bow with arrows and arrow holder, comb and charm. The pets had a space in between their wings for a Cherub to stand.

  • Clover & Lily - Cherub and Lamb
  • Dallas & Kaitlin - Cherub and Pony
  • Lea & Megan - Cherub and Lion
"Clover" Lamb "Dallas" Horse "Lea" Lion