Baby Check-Up

Puppy Check-Up, Kitty Check-Up, Baby Check-Up & Newborn Baby Check-Up were produced by Kenner in 1994. It was a small series comprising of a plush puppy, plush kitten, baby doll and newborn baby doll (each sold separately) which each came with a few small veterinary or medical accessories to perform check-ups with.

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Baby Check-Up

"Make her feel better again! It's so fun to make your Baby Check-Up doll feel better. You can listen to her heart, and really hear it beating. Then you can take her temperature, and if there's a sad face you can give Baby Check-Up pretend medicine from her "magical" medicine dropper to make her feel better. Take her temperature again, and if you see a happy face you know she's feeling much better!"

Baby Check Up came with a thermometer, medicine bottle with dropper and a stethoscope. She was available in both black and white dolls.

Check Her Heartbeat Take Her Temperature Give Her The Medicine
Put the ear prongs of the stethoscope into your ears. Raise the ruffle on your baby's bib and press the stethoscope heart on top of the heart on her outfit. Hold firmly against the heart shape on the doll's chest to hear her heartbeat.

Close the cover of the "thermometer" by sliding the button on the back. Press the tip against the baby's lips. If the sad face appears your baby needs her medicine. If the happy face appears your baby feels better.

Insert the "magical" medicine dropper into the medicine bottle. Squeeze the bulb slowly to fill the dropper. Keeping the bulb squeezed, press the tip against your baby's lips and then release. She's such a good girl, she takes it all! You can refill the dropper again and again to give your baby all the medicine she needs.

Newborn Baby Check-Up

Newborn Baby Check Up came with an x-ray scanner, thermometer, syringe, bottle and accessories case.

Take Her X-Rays Take Her Temperature Give Her The Medicine
Pretend to scan your baby to get an x-ray. Slide film into viewer. Turn on switch to take a look at her X-rays. One film shows your baby is OK and the other shows she needs you to take care of her.

Check if your baby needs some medicine. Slide the lever on the thermometer towards the tip. Press the tip to the baby's lips. If the sad face appears, your baby needs her medicine. If the happy face appears, your baby feels better. Slide the lever again to reset thermometer.

A little shot of "medicine" will fix her right up. This won't hurt a bit, baby!
Now give baby a bottle and a cuddle to keep her happy and healthy!

Store all in accessories case.