"With moveable limbs and a soft, squishy body, cute Sonny Angel has a wide-eyed stare and the smell of powder!"

Sonny Angel began production in 2007 by Dreams Inc, a Japanese company, and are still being added to. They are a series of Kewpie type boy dolls with angel wings made in an assortment of styles.

Images on this page thanks to official Dreams Inc. publicity material!

Mini Figure Keyrings

There were two types of Keyrings produced; Alphabet T-Shirt (20 dolls) and Fung-Sui Lucky Colour (2 dolls). The dolls were about 5cm high (not including the keyring).

Alphabet T-Shirt Keyrings

Sonny Angel

Fung-Sui Lucky Colour Keyrings

Sonny Angel

Mini Figure Straps

There was one set of Animal Straps produced, for attaching to mobile phones. The set features six animals from the first series of Animal dolls. The dolls were about 5cm high (not including the strap or headgear).

Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel

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