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Author Topic: Euro Names of Toy Lines Needed!  (Read 46902 times)

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Re: Euro Names of Toy Lines Needed!
« Reply #15 on: Monday 27 April 2015, 06:09 pm »
The Get Along Gang

French -"Les Amichaines" (The Friendship Chain, possibly, chaines also loosely translates as "shackles" or "manacles" but it seems unlikely that it was meant that way.)

Spanish -" La Pandilla Feliz" (The Happy Gang)

Brazilian Portugese - "A Nossa Turma" (Our Class, could also be loosely read as Our Group.)

Polish - Wesola Siodemka (The Cheerful Seven, possibly, may need confirmation for this one.)

Swedish - "Kompisarna" (Buddies)

Finnish - "Kaverukset" (Pals)

Not European strictly speaking but let's throw in,
Quebec - "La Joyeuse Ribambelle" French again (Appears to translate into "the happy string" although this appears to mean "a small herd" as in a string of cattle/horses and not an actual length of string) :-D