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Author Topic: Precious Moments Rag Doll??????  (Read 2037 times)

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Precious Moments Rag Doll??????
« on: Monday 17 January 2011, 05:12 pm »
I have been searching furiously for a picture of my old doll!!

She had a soft face - the same as 'My Child' and very similar features to those dolls also. She was more of a 'girl' doll though, ie. not a baby - she had long thin arms & legs which I am assuming are the same soft material as her face.

 Mine had a beige/brown shabby floral dress, maybe a hat too...I do not remember her hair at all unfortunately. I thought originally that she was a Holly Hobbie but I now think she may have been a Precious Moments doll of some kind.

I have been searching the internet and all the PM dolls look ...short...she wasn't a very large doll but I'd say approx 16"& tall & thin!!  ..... She very much looked like a grown up My Child doll in shabby chic clothes!!!!

If anyone can help I'd be very grateful!!

(This was in the UK and was from 1986 to very early 90s??)
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