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Author Topic: Snoozie Pet ~ Dream Garden  (Read 3346 times)

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Snoozie Pet ~ Dream Garden
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:23 pm »
Alyssa emailed me four toy descriptions, two of which have now been identified:

"Hello, I am looking for a few things from the early to mid 90's. Any ideas on any of these?"
Thank you! Alyssa

1. "I used to have a stuffed bunny rabbit. I believe that it was coloured and it lied on its right side sleeping. It used a carrot as a pillow and I believe that it also snored. "

2. "I used to have this little toy. It was a flower pot with a peach tree growing out of the top. Inside were little leaf hammocks and bottles and a little high chair attached for the little babies that lived inside. I think you had to push the sign down that was on the top of the soil in the pot in order to open it up."

Rhymer emailed me to add:

"You push down the sign to open the playset. Inside are four small babies, about an inch tall and a small mouse who served as a babysitter and was wearing a dress and an apron. The whole thing was peach scented (everything that came out of that line was scented). At the very top of the peach tree there was a peach that could be taken off and attached to a necklace for the little girl to stick the babies inside so she could carry them around. There was also a small pitcher that when filled with water and attached to a certain branch, created a small waterfall."

1. Thanks to Rhymer who ID-ed this toy as a Snoozie Pet, and adds there were also dogs with bone pillows and cats with fish.
2. Thanks to Rhymer who ID-ed this toy as a Dream Garden set produced by Trendmasters around 1995.

If you have any images of either set please email me!
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