B.A.B.Y - Baby Aliens Belonging To You

"Not so long ago, in a field not so far away, something very unusual happened. Thousands of Baby Aliens, wearing soft pillows to help with their landing, fell to earth! These adorable B.A.B.Y.'s have come here because they need the special love and care that only a little earth mommy can give! Their mommies and daddies sent them here so they can learn earthly skills like combing their hair, tying their shoes, telling time and other important stuff!"

B.A.B.Y.'S (Baby Aliens Belonging To You) were produced by Hasbro in 1987. They were a small series of alien themed dolls with soft bodies and plastic heads.

Images on this page thanks to Knot a Toy, Miss Leonie, Lori, Lourdes and eBay seller Brainys Toys and Collectibles!


"Each doll has a soft, cuddly body that's just waiting to be hugged, pretty hair to comb and style, flexible antennae, removable clothing for dress-up play and an accessory to help them fulfil their purpose for coming to earth. And there are thousands of different B.A.B.Y. dolls to choose from! B.A.B.Y. - they're out of this world!"

There were six dolls produced, sold in several colour combinations. Each doll came with removable clothing and an accessory attached to the front of their clothing which related to the name of the plant they were each from (all different). They didn't have individual names, but the packaging stated which planet they were from so I've used that instead to identify them.

[left to right]

  • "I'm from the planet FEEDMEPLEEZ (feed-me-please). Would you like to feed me with my spoon?" - came with a spoon
  • "I'm from the planet SHOESUNTIED (shoes-untied). Help me learn to tie my shoelaces!" - came with laces
  • "I'm from the planet ONURTOES (on-your-toes). Would you teach me how to dance?" - unsure, doesn't appear to have come with anything
  • "I'm from the planet READTOME (read-to-me). Teach me your alphabet so I can read!" - came with a book
  • "I'm from the planet HARZAMESS (hair's-a-mess). Please comb and style my pretty hair!" - came with a comb
  • "I'm from the planet MAKEUMSMYL (make-'um-smile). Would you show me how to brush my teeth?" - came with a toothbrush

As all clothing was removable it's possible that the some of the loose dolls pictured below are no longer wearing their correct clothes. I have noted how many colour variations I have found of the clothing as well  has the different dolls I have found wearing it.


I've found three different colour variations of "Feedmepleez's" clothing and four different dolls wearing it. I've also found different image sources for variations one and two, so am sure are correctly dressed.

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variations 3 & 4


I've found one version of "Harzamess's" clothing and two different dolls wearing it. I have a packaged image of variation one, so is correct.

Variation 1

Variation 2


I've found one version of "Makemesmyl's" clothing and one doll wearing it, which I have come across twice so must be correct.


I've found one version of "Onurtoes's" clothing and three different dolls wearing it. Variation two I have seen packed, so is correct.

Variation 1

Variation 2

Variation 3


I've found one version of "Makemesmyl's" clothing and one doll wearing it.


I've found three different colour variations of "Shoesuntied's" clothing and three different dolls wearing it.

Variation 1

Variations 2 & 3

Face Styles

There were three different face moulds and four different eye styles. Face style 3 (with teeth) only came with "Makeumsmyle", but the other face moulds seem to vary from doll to doll (as do the four different eye styles). There were also two different hair styles (pigtails and ponytail), two different styles of antenna (single stars or group of stars in either purple, pink or yellow), and just to make it more interesting, the were three body colours (pink, lilac and yellow) and six hair colours (lilac, pink, yellow, blue, coral and violet) with a choice of two on each doll. Oh yes, and their clothing also came in a variety of colour variations. No wonder the publicity text said there were "thousands of B.A.B.Y. dolls to choose from". Phew!

Face Style 1 with Eye Style 1 Face Style 1 with Eye Style 2

Face Style 2 with Eye Style 3 Face Style 3 with Eye Style 4

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